‘Dole pineapple’ is one of the world’s most well-known household brands.

Pavé is proud to represent Dole Packaged Foods (DPF), a California-based division of Dole Food Company.

In 2006 we were appointed as the agent for DPF in New Zealand and Pacific Islands, across all channels. Building on this successful partnership, we were also appointed agency for Australia (grocery channel) in 2010.

Year on year, we’ve worked closely with DPF to deliver market share gains and sales growth.

Our track record includes:

  • Market-leading position in canned pineapple (mainstream grocery)
  • Strong market share across multiple grocery categories – including canned fruit, fruit snacks, dessert, breakfast and beverage
  • A solid food service channel to users of pineapple & tropical fruits - from fast food chains to fine dining restaurants
  • Supply of DPF industrial products to some of NZ’s best-known FMCG manufacturers
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