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Pavé Brands Dominates Dole C.A.T. Awards. November 2010

 Proving to be the region’s best-of-the-best, Pavé Brands recently dominated the first-ever C.A.T. Awards 2010 by Dole Packaged Foods Asia. Held during the annual Dole Sales and Marketing Conference in Guam, the C.A.T. (Can Achieve Target) Awards is aimed at recognising the performance of the markets in the Asia Pacific Region. Pavé dominated the show and was awarded two out of three major awards: Lion Award for the market with Best New Product Launch and Tiger Award for the market with the Highest Revenue Growth. 


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Dole & Pavé: Celebrating the 'Fruits' of their Labour.  October 2010

Pavé delivered 14 new impressive Dole Products to market, signifying ground-breaking product innovations, and allowing entry into 3 new categories for the Dole packaged fruit family, such as breakfast, snacks and desserts.   This feat made possible by the massive teamwork effort between Pavé and Dole - from formulation, packaging to logistics and in market execution.


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Pavé Food Service : Completes National Roadshow setting the scene for Summer Sushi Co Sales. September 2010 

Armed with the objective of demonstrating the convenience and versatility of the Sushi Co range at 10 major Food Service Tradeshows, the product received accolades for it's taste profile and the gap in the market that this product now fills for caterers and food service vendors across the country. The success of the road show has come through in sales figures and is expected to continue as the lucrative summer holiday season approaches.


Pavé Invests in Technology: We're Mobile

Pavé have gone mobile, making it possible for our global partners to contact us 24/7 via email or mobile phone.  With the increasing demand for faster responses and shorter lead times we've invested in the latest smart phone technology to enusre our partners can contact us around the clock. The investment has paid off with ground breaking results made possible from the collaboration and integration allowed by the worlds best techonolgy.

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Rejuva Beverages: E-Commerce site Launched - 'Rejuva Trade'. September 2010 

With the popularity of Rejuva growing by the day, we have extended our services so that in addition to our trusted distribution network, businesses can now purchase Rejuva products wholesale through our trade website.  The online facility is a fast and easy way to stock up on Rejuva.

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By Invitation Only, in Full Support of The Foodstuffs Group Tradeshow.  September 2010 

Relationships are everyting in this business, so when we we're invited to participate in this bi-annual event it was a true vote of confidence.  The platform allowed face-to-face meetings with key store buyers and supermarket owners, and a friendly commercial environment where deals could be done on a hand shake.  Thank you Foodstuffs, becuase like you, we also started from humble beginnings and are proudly NZ-owned.

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Pavé Sponsorship: The NZ Culinary Fare Picks the 'Best of the Best'. August 2010 

Dole and Sushi Co sponsored 2 events at this years Culinary Fare, Live Dessert and Sushi Masters open segments respectively.  Belinda Beckett from Cafe Romeo, Wellington, and Akihiro Nakamura from Rendevous Hotel, Auckland, created the winning mouth watering dishes.  The winners received cash prizes and certificates from our proud brands, Dole and Sushi Co. 

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Dole Fruit & Rice: Finalist for best new Hospitality Food Product - Fine Food New Zealand 2010. August 2010 

Dole Fruit & Rice has recently been cited as one of the finalists during the Fine Food New Zealand’s Best New Product Awards 2010. The recognition was specific to Best New Hospitality Food Product category. 

Download full press release (pdf) 


Sushi Co. (Frozen Sushi): Finalist for Best New Foodservice Product - Fine Food New Zealand 2010. August 2010 

Sushi Co, the first and only frozen sushi in New Zealand, was acclaimed as one of the finalists for the Best New Product Awards 2010, distinguishing Sushi Co for being one of the new innovative products in the foodservice category, particularly as Best New Foodservice Product.

Download full press release (pdf)

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Rejuva: Sold Out at the Wellington Food Show. May 2010 

Thousands of people had their first Rejuva experience at our nations captial and got hooked.  Team Rejuva poured thousands of samples for the punters to come and refresh themselves at the Rejuva counter whcih dominated a 7m long span.  Happy customers bought up and emptied our chillers a day before the show ended and each took away with them limted edition Rejuva chiller bags.  Our nations capital rocked it and we thank you Wellington. 

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