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  • paveconsumers other brands
  • paveconsumers other brands
  • paveconsumers other brands


Other brands that Pave Consumer Brands retains as part of its portfolio are:

Tough Guy

The Tough Guy® brand was established in 1993 and has successfully grown to become an established player in latex gloves in the cleaning category.


Pavé have been proud owners of the Calypso® brand for over 10 years.  It has since become a brand trusted within the New Zealand food industry. Calypso® brand delivers a range of high quality disposable paper napkins designed to meet the food service industry’s rigorous standards in hygiene and excellence.



For more than a decade, the Entertainers brand has offered the food service customer a broad range of quality disposable food service products. It is one of the leading suppliers in its categories in New Zealand.

These include doilies, placements, tray covers, chef hats and muffin cases.

The designs and colours are fresh and modern, and offer excellent value. Entertainers products are targeted to the food service customer who demands high quality and convenience.



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