All with unique backgrounds, our complementary skills cover strategy, process, finance, marketing, sales and supply chain management.


Angela Wong – Director Marketing and Product Development

Angela has a broad background across multiple disciplines. Having completed an honours degree in marketing she embarked on a career as a management consultant for Cap Gemini working in the Asia region.  Eager to get into the cut and thrust of business she then joined her father’s business which was a major importer/distributor. Having learnt the ropes she joined Pave Consumer Brands in 2006, eager to utilize her knowledge but also to pursue her passion in Marketing and Product Development.

To date Angela has been instrumental in driving the product and marketing strategies for both Pave Consumer Brands and our partners.  In particular she identified the opportunity and developed both Rejuva and Sushi Co.


Chris Wong – Non-Executive Director

As a non-executive director, Chris has been a valuable asset to the business having significant expertise in a broad range of business disciplines including business strategy, process engineering, operations, manufacturing and finance.

Commencing his career working overseas for global management consultancy Accenture, he returned to New Zealand working for a high growth private manufacturing company and then a private equity firm investing in the SME import, manufacture and distribution sector.  From 2005 to 2007 he established his own investment company acquiring three companies in the FMCG sector with an aggregate turnover of over $20m.  In 2009 he exited two of them whilst retaining Pave Consumer Brands.  In December 2010 he managed the acquisition of a strategic stake in Sales Link Australasia NZ Ltd – a leading sales and merchandising services provider – as part of a broader FMCG strategy.

Chris brings valuable insight to our business but also our partners particularly in the areas of business and product strategy.




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