Consumers were ready for a new kind of beverage – and Pavé were ready to capitalise on the opportunity. Our answer? To create an entirely new category of functional beverage -Aloe Vera drinks.

‘Rejuva’ was born on November 2006, and launched with the positioning statement: “We’ve made the good stuff taste good.”

Just four years later, Rejuva is now an established brand among the functional beverage fans – proving that the market always has a thirst for ground-breaking new products. Especially when they offer a strong point of difference, and are supported by a clever and compelling marketing strategy.

Our achievements so far:

  • A well-established presence in the functional beverage category
  • A growing demand in both grocery and route channels
  • A range extension to include four variants
  • A dedicated product website,
  • A highly-targeted marketing strategy, with a key focus on social media

We like to think Rejuva’s success shows what can be achieved in the new brand category – with a bit of clever thinking, and a lot of commitment to making it happen.


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