Sushi is a hugely popular meal choice among Australasian consumers. This rising demand poses a welcome dilemma – how can the industry cater to this insatiable appetite?

Pavé seized on this market opportunity, and pioneered the concept of frozen sushi to the food service industry in 2009 and now into grocery.

Being in frozen form, ‘Sushi Co’ offers both food service providers and consumers a convenient and consistent product every time.

For food service providers it avoids the labour-intensive creation process and issues around food safety and temperature control.

For consumers it represents a quick, healthy and delicious ready-to-eat meal.

Following our initial success in the food service market, in conjunction with Woolworths Australia we embarked on a trial launch of a retail product in Sydney, Australia in August 2010.  This product is branded ‘Sushi@ home’ and is a 6-piece combo pack.

About Sushi Co:

  • Offers the unique proposition of ‘sushi anytime, anywhere’
  • Our flagship product is a 48-piece combo catering pack
  • 5  variants available in the range


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